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240811 - SPN OC: Isaviel by Isaviel 240811 - SPN OC: Isaviel by Isaviel
Isaviel. Hunter. Scoping and dropping like a boss.

I recently got back into Supernatural after having adored the first season and somehow never keeping up. Long story short, I blame the tumblr fandom and while I'm late to the party, I am now totally hooked. I also managed to rope Asgre into watching with me. Hurrhurrhurr. This led to the continuation of our time-honored tradition of sticking Theo and Isa into all the fandoms.

I'll probably work on a more in-depth bio but basically the girls were created for a season 5 rewrite of sorts where the apocalypse actually turns totally apocalyptic, and there's a final glorious battle between Michael and his angels and Lucifer and his demons, with the hunters stuck right slap bang in the middle with their group of renegade angels and random demons. There'd be a army of Croatoan infected, a zombie apocalypse, and general "shit going down"-ness. They were not created as love interests, but as fellow hunters who get caught up in the crap surrounding the Winchesters. 
StrictlyDickly Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011
These are nice designs. And it sounds like your OCs would fit wonderfully in a group I'm a part of. If you're interested, it's a role play group featuring only Supernatural OCs. Unfortunately, pre-existing characters from the show aren't allowed in OC's histories since it would just mix up everyone's stories. This is, of course, to keep everything fair. I feel bad for this because your character's story (with the added John Winchester to the rescue) sounds great. But perhaps he could just be an anonymous hunter that helped her? Just for the group-history's sake.

The setting of our group is almost exactly the setting you seem to have for your hunters. The group takes place during the start of the Apocalypse with a flux of demons and angels and monsters! It's loads of fun. Especially when we have hunting parties and the group moderator gives us missions with contests and occasional prizes. :)

The group is called Supernatural Side Stories and can be found here: :iconspn-sidestories: I'm a co-moderator in charge of finding new recruits and yours sound simply delightful! I think they could fit quite nicely in our little family. ((Plus we're reeeaaally lacking in hunters XD)) Don't feel pressured to join if you're not up to it, but I couldn't resist asking if you would. Isa and Theo sound so awesome and I would really enjoy seeing them in action! XD

Anyway, sorry for the text wall. And please let me know what you think.

:heart:- Dick
lisago Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011
Supernaturalll. Those boys. * u * And zombie apocalypses are awesome! = V =
Nice designs!
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